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Did Disney ruin Pixar?

Did Disney ruin Pixar?:

Christopher Orr, The Atlantic:

A well-regarded hollywood insider recently suggested that sequels can represent “a sort of creative bankruptcy.” He was discussing Pixar, the legendary animation studio, and its avowed distaste for cheap spin-offs. More pointedly, he argued that if Pixar were only to make sequels, it would “wither and die.” Now, all kinds of industry experts say all kinds of things. But it is surely relevant that these observations were made by Ed Catmull, the president of Pixar, in his best-selling 2014 business-leadership book.

Yet here comes Cars 3, rolling into a theater near you this month. You may recall that the original Cars, released back in 2006, was widely judged to be the studio’s worst film to date. Cars 2, which followed five years later, was panned as even worse. And if Cars 3 isn’t disheartening enough, two of the three Pixar films in line after it are also sequels: The Incredibles 2 and (say it isn’t so!) Toy Story 4.

This is a scorching, but well-written read. Hard to deny the logic when there’s a sea of Pixar sequels in the works. That said, I loved Inside Out and I’ve heard very positive things about Coco, due out this November.

And that said, the next non-sequel after Coco isn’t due until 2020. Until then, it’s sequels all the way.

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